♪Melody♪ :11 Months Old Now !

   Hey there everyone! I can’t say this enough: I’m so thankful to God for how He has kept us safe and has allowed Melody to grow in so many ways. At eleven months, Melody is almost walking! I can hardly believe it! Yesterday, we went to Walmart and bought her this toy that is basically a walker, but for infants. She has been walking around the house from the moment Emmanuel put it together (see the photo above). At this rate, I feel she will be walking very soon!

     As a proud mother, I just want to let the whole world know what our little princess knows how to do already. She waives “Hi/Bye”, throws kisses (but only when she feels like it), hums very softly when you sing a song to her (especially one that she likes!), and whenever she hears music (♪ ♪ ♪), she starts dancing and clapping to the beat!! So cute!

     There are a few other things she can do but I have to share with you a little background story. You see, when Melody was about 3 months old, we bought this Baby Sign Language kit to teach her to sign to us because we had read that it would help children communicate with their parents early on, or before learning to speak. So, after a few months of signing to her fervently and not seeing any results, being the impatient people that we are, we stopped signing so much to her. We thought this would be the end of it. But one day, out of the blue and to our surprise, she just started signing one of the signs that we had taught her! And now, not only has she not forgotten the sign, she also knows when and how to use it. Simply amazing! At this point, she now knows how to sign “Milk”, “Light”, “Fan”,”eat”, “it’s loud” and “All done” and everyday we teach her something new and she seems to be learning much faster. We are so proud of her!

     I have to say that although Melody has always been very alert about her surroundings, I think that communicating through the use of signs has increased her curiosity. One example of this is when she hears an airplane passing by. She will start pointing at the sky and won’t stop pointing until you acknowledge her and the object that she is looking at, in this case the plane. She does the same but with different signing when she sees dogs, cats, spiders (yuk!), and balloons (she loves balloons!).

     Finally, I just want to share how Melody gets compliments all the time! I don’t want to brag but…OK, YES, I do want to brag…let me brag! We find that no matter where we go, someone always comes up to us and tells us how beautiful Melody is and they often complement her hair, smile, and of course her big brown eyes. Alright, I’m so glad I got that off my chest! 🙂 Well I guess this is it. Until next time my dear readers. Take care and may God bless you all!! XOXO