Melody’s fist day of Kinder

Oh gosh, the day I thought would never come is here, Melody’s firs day of school!!

The day started at 6:00am. I opened my eyes and there she was standing on the side of the bed. She asked me “Mom, is it time for school yet??”

We got ready, had breakfast and went for her fist day of school (fist day of orientation)

The next day was her official full day of school (only 4hrs…ha,ha,ha) and of course she did great! kissed us goodbye and said she was gonna miss us all very much.

Today was her 2nd  day of school and she came home with a “Super Star”!! The teacher explained on orientation day that super stars are given rarely and that it usually means the student  went above and beyond in class that day, but if and when our child comes home with one they encourage us to praise them. So tonight we are taking her out to celebrate!!


    Here she is having breakfast

                             Having a pep talk with Daddy

    Saying goodbye to Isaac

    4hrs later she was out!!

                            Melody and her Teachers: Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Johnson