My trip to the Ellen Degeneres Show!!!!

Today was a very exciting day! I went to the Ellen show and we had so much fun. It was a crazy fun experience to be in the audience. My girls Yanira and Odalys came early this morning to pick me up and then we were on our way to Burbank for the taping of the show. We went to several shops by the Warner Brother’s Studio to kill some time. We went into a bridal store where Eva Longoria and Jenny Garth shop all the time. I pretended to be engaged and Yanira and Odalys were my “brides maids” (ha, ha, ha). Then, we went to Cinema Secrets Beauty Supply and there we were just being silly!!!

Now, the real reason why we were there of course was to see Ellen. So, after a few hours of waiting and going through a tough inspection process it was time for the show!! It will air Monday January 12 at 4pm on NBC. If you’re familiar with her show, you’d know that at the beginning of the show she dances and goes through the aisles. So, as she danced closer to me and stopped at about 3 feet from me, she LOOKED IN MY EYES FOR 2 WHOLE SECONDS!! WOW, I immediately melted! She is SO beautiful (Disclaimer: I’m not a lesbian)! During one of the commercials while we were all standing up and dancing and as I was looking at Ellen she also looked my way, so I decided to waive to her and guess what?…AGAIN she looked STRAIGHT AT ME AND WAIVED BACK!! Now, if all of this wasn’t enough we got $100 gift cards from TARGET which is also my favorite store in the world!!! I can’t wait ’til next season!

By the way, cameras are not allowed inside the studio so I don’t have pictures of my BFF Ellen…sorry. I hope you enjoy the ones I’m posting though.

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  1. OMG, I am green with envy! That must have been an awesome experience. So, was it a long taping? I am so tempted to go, I might even be willing to skip a day at work. 😉

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