A New Addition To The Family

Happy to share with friends and family that we are expecting our second child! Only 4 weeks until my due date… and that means only 2 weeks until I’m “full-term”.  (Since babies are born on average between 38 and 42 weeks, they use 40 weeks as your due date, but the average baby is fully ready anytime after 38 weeks).

Time is flying by! I’m excited for baby Isaac to be here, but at the same time I am in no rush for the pregnancy to be over. I have loved every single second of this incredible and miraculous time (even my first trimester, were I could not get out of bed and was nauseous the entire 3 months!). I love my big huge belly and I am going to miss it when it’s gone.  We are extremely excited and can’t wait to hold him. Melody is very excited  about having a baby brother; she talks about Isaac everyday!

On Saturday Emmanuel and I decided to get some belly shots(Belly shots at 35 weeks), I’m now 36 weeks (so we decided to take pictures before I pop! :-D) and we wanted to share! We took this at our home and Melody got in on all the action.