Proof Is In His Actions, Not Just His Words

I start this blog by asking myself, how did I get so lucky? Lucky to have such a great man that’s kind, considerate, caring, and listens. He’s always interested in what’s going on with me.We talk every day I mean we have real conversations. Emmanuel is always available for me. He always makes time for me.

I believe in reaping what you sow (Galatian 6:7-8) I believe that good things will happen to you if you have shown kindness to others. However, with this pregnancy my hormones have been out of control and I’ve been sooo moody, but still he showers me with love and affection especially during the times when I really need it (like when my Pregnancy hormones go all crazy!)

He has a steady job and provides for his family. He helps around the house, even sometimes he actually does more chores than me. He does not smoke nor drink. He loves his family and MY family, and that is rare nowadays. Oh and did I mention he’s the most intelligent person I know?

I just feel very blessed to know that I married this amazing man who loves me just the way I am. I love you so much, baby!

God gave me the best man ever as my husband!!!!