Ryan IS HERE!!!

Ok, Can I just tell you guys how excited I was when I heard that Ryan had just arrived to this wold?!!

I texted Reyna on Friday (August 1st,  her due date was August 2nd) around 11am just to see how she was feeling, then I get a text back saying they were at the hospital already. I got super excited (told all the girls from PTA at Melody’s school!) and Proceeded to try to have a normal day (impossible!!) I kept checking my phone for updates!

Finally 4:48pm I get a couple of pictures

Omg!! I laughed, I clapped and I was telling the kids and Emmanuel…”OMG The baby is here! The baby is here!!!!!!”

He was born: 4:30pm 

7lb 11oz

21 inches long 

in Cedars-Sinai

The Happy Parents!!!

By the way, My brother gave me some fun details (an exclusive) Dr.Thais Aliabadi was Reyna’s delivery Doctor. 

She delivered the son of the Prince of Dubai a few years ago (He paid to fly her out to Dubai to deliver his baby) Wow! Right?!

AND NOW, she had the privilege once again to deliver a lil’ Prince!!…Prince Ryan.