Discovery Cube

Happy New Year! 🙂

This Year we got off on the right foot. For starters Emmanuel was on vacation so we did a few cool things.
We went to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana. There were a  lot of things to, we visited the Interactive Exhibits, Melody and Isaac climbed the rock wall. Learned about Tornadoes, cloud rings, earthquakes and much, much more!

We also visited the Dino Quest, we went on a scavenger hunt to learn more about the Dinosaurs! This was especially fun for Melody.

For Emmanuel there was also lots fun activity’s (ha,ha,ha) They had a Star Wars Exhibit, he was so cute walking around showing Melody and Isaac all the characters (and to my surprise Melody is a big fan of Star Wars! …When did this happen!?) But overall this was such an awesome day of laughter and fun family time! 

to see all the fun and exciting pictures click on Discovery Science Center Album