Emmanuel’s Graduation

Melody and Daddy
Hi Everyone!

This is my 1st time blogging and I’m so excited!

Well, I just wanted to let everyone know what’s going on in our lives this month so…here goes.

Melody is growing so fast and is starting to creep around the house. She looks so adorable and we are just waiting because any minute now she will start to crawl, so Emmanuel will have to start baby proofing the house!!! That will be Fun!! lol!

Another thing I wanted to share was that this was the 1st mothers day with Melody! It’s great to be a mom but also very, very tiring. Emmanuel took me out to eat!

I’m so proud of him. This month he graduated from Cerritos College, he got his AA and graduated with highest honors!! That day we went out to eat to Black Angus.

A week later we had a party for him at my mom’s house! It was cool. We had carne asada, chicken, salad, cake and we played “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”…We had some great laughs.

Anyways, so I will try to post monthly so that maybe one day Melody will read all of theseĀ “exciting” entries!! lol.

God Bless!