Happy 4th of July!

I just wanted to share how much fun our 4th of July Weekend was, We went to The Aquarium of the pacific on Friday, we had so much fun! Melody was very observant and every time she would see us laughing she would laugh too!! Melody and I took a picture at the aquarium and it was up on the T.v’s I started to film then Emmanuel tells me “No,babe you can’t film or take a picture…read the signs” but I did a little bit so check that our!! We also visited this “Forest” there at the aquarium ware they had birds! That was so much fun because the birds would just fly on you!! So I’m also uploading a video of Emmanuel with the birds!! After our 3 hour tour of the aquarium we went to the “Outback Stake house” to have dinner, everything was delicious. After dinner we waited about an hour for the fireworks show to start at the Queen Marry!! It was cool but we were not close enough!! 🙂 All in all we had a great 4th of July!!

Emmanuel and his Bird friends!