Happy Birthday To Meee!!

Yaay, Happy birthday to me! Actually my official birthday was on June 19 but we didn’t get to celebrate til the weekend.

It was more like birthday week, I really milked it til the end! ha,ha,ha. 
Saturday morning I woke up excited and nervous, Emmanuel kept saying stuff like “I gotta get a move on, party central is calling and the party planning is going awesome” . I just kept getting more and more excited about…well I didn’t know what to expect. 
We had only a couple of guest, Lopez Family, Molina Family and Rodriguez Family join us. Besides of course my close family. We had Pozole, Taquitos, cake and cocktail fruit.
I want to start off by saying its really rare that someone really surprises me, its almost impossible. But Party Central did it! I truly feel blessed to have such caring and loving people in my life! and also, I think 29 is so far the best year of my entire life! I love my Hubby, my Children and my family so much!
List of my gifts:
4 gorgeous shirts
Victoria Secret Set 
$60 dollars
2 Gift cards to cheesecake factory (Chicken Madeira…here I come!)
1 Gift card to Kohls
1 Gift card to Macy’s
1 pair of cute wedge shoes
a Rachael Ray hard anodized skillet with cast iron flat press ( I cannot wait to use it!!!)
an HD recording camera!! 
50mm 1.4F Lens I’ve been wanting  
and last but not least …. drum roll please……27″ iMac computer!!!! 
Wow, How blessed am I?? pretty darn Blessed if you ask me!!!

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