July Fun

Hello to all my blog fans (all 4 of you, ha ha)I’m just updating you guys on our crazy fun July adventures!! Well we went to 2 Hawaiian birthday parties, my father in law’s birthday breakfast mini party and we also went to The Imax theater to watch “The Dark Night”. It was awesome!!

So we start with Yesenia’s Birthday Party on the 19th. We had a lot of fun! There was so much food to choose from that my head was spinning (ha,ha)There was hamburgers, hotdogs, cocktel de camaron, subway, Fruit and Cake! It was a very fun exiting day. I will post a video of the kids hitting the Pinata and the fun the kids had. As we party the night away! Sandy and Guilbert gave us some great new THEIR PREGNANT!! we are so happy for them.


On the 26th we also attended another Hawaiian birthday party for Chanel Mariee. We ate tacos (very good!!) and had cake. It was a pool party so Melody got to show off her body!! ha,ha and she had a lot of fun. Once she got her bathing suit on she was a wild Mermaid!! She loves the water so it was very fun for her she also took a little break and took a nap on a Hammock. She looked so cute. Also check out pictures of Chanel eating her cake!!!


Sunday the 27th was my father in laws Birthday, so after church we took him out for breakfast to Acapulcos. That’s he’s favorite place, It was nice. We had the waiters come to the table and sing “Happy Birthday” to him. I will post some pictures!!

Last but not least! Emmanuel took Yanira and I to see “The Dark Night” in the Imax theater. It was the most wonderful experience. The screen is almost twice as big than a regular theater and the sound is so good! In some scenes where Batman is flying through Gotham City I felt like if it was ME flying through Gotham City!! It was so Cool. I definitely recommend this to EVERYONE!!