Melody’s Dr. Visit

Today Emmanuel and I took Melody to The Dr. for her 12month check up. My pour little baby!!!! She did very good. They gave her FIVE shots, 2 in one leg and 3 on the other. One of them was the flue shot. Not only that, they also had to draw blood!!! 🙁 But she is such a strong baby, in no time she was back to smiling happy self again!!

Daddy Helping Melody put on her gown

This was Melody’s reaction when she realized I was taking pictures of her in a gown

1 thought on “Melody’s Dr. Visit

  1. I felt so sad just to know she got all those shots!!!! poor little thing.:( she looks so cute at the doctors, do they give you that little gown for her there???
    She’s so cute Maritza. God really blessed you with a beautiful baby girl, God is so good to us and I don’t even give him the time of day sometimes, i feel so bad. okay I wrote more than I originally wanted to write, sorry!!!!

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