My little Isaac

Oh gosh, my little boy is growing so fast its unbelievable. A few days ago I got up and was doing laundry when I heard Isaac say “mama…mama”. So I run to the bedroom and he is sitting in the middle of the bed rubbing his eyes, and as soon as he sees me he gives me the biggest smile ever! He totally made my day.

Later that week I taught him how to go downstairs…priceless. Let me explain, Isaac learned how to climb upstairs last month (at about 7 1/2 months) and I figured I teach him how to go downstairs, I moved his little but so that he backs up and goes down in reverse. Only showed him twice and BAM! He’s a Pro. Love my little munchkin!

                              Oh and here he is wow-ing us again by rocking out on the drum set! 🙂