She Stand’s and Crawls!!!

It’s Official Melody can Stand on her own and also Crawl. A couple of weeks a go Emmanuel filmed her Standing up, and now she constantly does it!! She also had been creeping for a while that means “kind of crawling” but not really actually crawling, until a couple of days ago it happen all of a sudden. She looks so adorable! Man if I thought I had it hard before…I didn’t know what I was talking about he,he. She is ALL OVER THE PLACE!! On the 1st day that she crawled I actually couldn’t find her. I sat her in the middle of the living room with some toys, then I walked over to the restroom to shut the door (my restroom is literally like 10 feet away)and when I walked back I couldn’t see her so of course I start yelling “Melody, Melody” and after like 3sec of sheer terror and Panic (I know 3 sec, he,he… still, very scary) I found her behind the rocking chair playing with a toy!!! So now I don’t take my eyes off her, well at least I try! 😀