The Big FIVE!

How did we get here so quick!  5 years ago  I gave birth to an amazing wonderful, sweet, loving beautiful girl that has changed our lives forever, and now she’s FIVE!

This year she choose to go to Legoland for her birthday, it was our fist time there. We basically had 4 mini party’s for her. One in school, One with Grandma Silvia and Grandpa Luis (Uncle Hector and Tia Reyna sent gifts), another one with Grandma Araceli, Grandpa Napoleon and Tia Yanira, and finally Legoland! Wow that was pretty awesome!

We can’t even begin to explain how proud we are of you. You are an awesome, loving and caring big sister. ( We took Isaac to the Dr. for his 18 month check up and while he was running around the room with only his diaper on, you were curled up in a little ball on a chair in the corner of the room holding back tears. I asked what was wrong and you said ” Mom, I don’t want the Dr. to poke my baby brother, his gonna be in pain and I don’t like to see him cry. I just want him to be happy all the time”)  But you wanna know something crazy!, Yesterday you had your yearly physical and the nurse was trying to give you the flu shot (it was a spray through the nose) but you were really scared and started to cry at that point my full attention was on you. Once the nurse was done she pointed at Isaac and said “aww poor little thing I think he’s scared of me now” When I turned around I see Isaac with his eyes so watery and the biggest pouty face I’ve ever seen! You got down from the Dr.’s table and hugged Isaac and he just kissed you. It was so sweet. There is no doubt of the love you guys have for each other.

Your such a loyal daughter too! The other day Daddy had a late meeting and it was time for your bed time and I said “Mama, go to sleep, close your eyes”.  You said “No Mommy I can’t , my eyes don’t want to go to sleep until they see Daddy”.

Ok I’m crying now!(there goes my night cream) You are just a bright loving fun person to be around! You truly make my day everyday. I love the way we say goodbye when I drop you off at school “Love you Melody, have an awesome day at school. I will see you in a couple of hours”  You: “Ok Mommy, I love you with all my heart, and Isaac too (you wave and blow him a kiss) ( You hug me) DRIVE SAFE!!”

Oh, and Yeah! no wonder you are student of the month! We had your fist teacher parent conference and well, what do you know, turns out your just as amazing at school as you are at home! Mrs. Brown had only wonderful things to say about you. She said you were  such a joy to be around, and you are one of two of her top student in the entire class. Melody you’re so smart! I think you get it from me!! 🙂 Yaaay for Mommy and Melody!!

Love Always and Forever

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