I’m Loving June !

Just as I predicted, It has been a very busy month so far. I want to start off by saying that Melody took her first driving lesson he,he,he Not really but she like to be on the drivers seat and steer (Not when the car is on of course)Grandpa Luis was her instructor!!

On the 7th we took Melody to Wilderness Park in Downey and of course she loved it. So we get to the park and we pay top $$$ to go in (only $4)and Melody decides to sleep, so Emmanuel and I were just there trying to kill time taking pictures and discussing our future ( like how many more kids to have!!! He wants 3 more I say NO MORE!lol!) and just relaxing. So once Our Little Princess decided to wake up we had a lot of FUN!! I love going to the park!! And of course so does Melody she was looking at the ducks and smiling. She also loves when her Daddy has her fly in the air she’s “Super-Girl” she really enjoys it. After the park we went over to my parents for a little BBQ. While we were there I decided it was “Picture Time” So I brought out my camera “Click” “Click” I took a hole lot of Pix’s.

My Mom Melody and I went Fathers day shopping too!! Whew! that was hectic. That was a very busy day for us. We left the house around 10:40am and came back home til around 5:50pm We were soooo tired. But we know it will be worth it! Specially the gift that Melody will give her Dad!! I’ve been working hard on it, I’ll post some pictures later. Emmanuel is very exited since this will be hes 1st Father’s day!!!