First Father’s Day

So on Sunday (15th) we had a little Celebration for father’s day and we had fun. We had Taquitos with guacamole,Lettuce,sour cream and salsa. We also made Jaiva…delicious!!
Since this was Emmanuel’s first Father’s day we OF COURSE had a lot of gift’s for him. I will post some pictures of that day :). I also will post a video of Us playing Hot Potato! In the video you see Emmanuel and my Mother in law battling it out for 1st place he,he,he. After we gave out all the gift to the father’s Emmanuel surprised me with a B-day gift…It was a Video Camera!!! I love it!! and My In-laws also gave me $50 and Chocolates!!! It was a very fun Day!!

P.S This video was recorded with my new Flip video Camera!!!