Exciting Weekend!

This weekend was a very busy one for us! Saturday we took Melody to the beach for the first time! It just melts my heart to see her so happy and enjoying her self! Redondo beach has a chuck e cheese type place as well and she bowled and got to shoot some whoops with her daddy and she even got to ride a pony (not a real one this time). She totally loved the ocean, It amazes me how much she understands and to see her face…I loved it.

On Sunday we Spent a few hours finalizing our new home options/upgrades. So many choices! Round or squared tub, pointy or round wall edge, color of cabinets, counter tops, rug and floor. Style of toilet, walls and stairs. So many choices made our head’s spin! But we are very happy with our choices.

Also we saw 3 movies this weekend and well here are my reviews:

“Marley and Me”: Great Family movie! It made me cry. I don’t want to give to much away but out of 5 stars this one gets 5.

“Bolt”: hmm, well Melody and Emmanuel enjoyed it, I thought it was ok this one gets 3 stars.

“Doubt”: I just want to say I love Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman, but this movie get 2 little stars!! very boring.

Emmanuel and I are in the process of watching “Alexander” I keep falling asleep. Not because its boring or long! but because we usually watch it really late and I end up falling asleep. I bought it for $5 so I will update you guys on this movie later 🙂

Melody Bowling 🙂

Melody going wild on the horse