Santa Anita Park, A Race to Remember

We had a great time at Santa Anita Park on Sunday. It was Melody’s very first trip there. She absolutely loved it. We didn’t win BIG like we had hoped, ha ha, but it was a lot of fun.

Emmanuel, Melody, Ivan, Yadi, my Aunt and Uncle, and myself of course, sat in a nicely shaded booth, or box seats as they are called. Thank God, because it was TOO hot to be standing around.

Here’s how the big race went down that day…

At times, the gentle murmur of the crowds grew to a thunderous roar as the horses steadily approached the finish line! The excitement built up until it could not be contained by those witnessing this marvelous feat of sportsmanship. The people were standing now. Horse and Jockey pressed on with sheer determination as the crowds cheered them on. Foot by foot they got closer, one horse ahead of the other. Who would it be? Would we emerge victoriously? Wait a minute, am I cheering for the right horse? And just as quick as it had started, it was all over. Only a few winners would be declared while others both broke and disappointed stormed away. Luckily we were the former and we survived to play another round. Yay!

Back to the blog 🙂

Santa Anita Park also had a lot of nice things for children. Certain weekends are designated as part of their Family Day Fun events and this happened to be one of them. Melody got her face painted, we chose a butterfly for her, and we took her on a pony ride. She did real good! Sorry, I can’t help being biased 😉 But I’m not kidding. She was so good that she impressed the staff and other parents who were waiting in line as she sat very still throughout the whole face-painting process. Everyone looked on as if their own child was sitting on that chair and even gave Melody a round of applause and cheers when the painting was done. We were so proud of her!

Paul Rodriguez was also there. You might ask “Why didn’t you take a picture with him” Well, let me tell you why!!! As we were cashing out on one of the races Yadi grabs me and tells me “Mari, ahi esta!! Miralo Paul Rodriguez!!!” So I got excited and nervouse, he was about 10ft away. So my reaction was to scream”Paul!!” and of course he turns and I said “can I take a picture with you?” and he signals to go to him. I suddenly turn to Yadi so that we can take a picture with him all I see is her DUST!! Yes her dust, she ran out of the building and a few feet away she was just laughing! Then when I turn to look at Paul Rodriguez…He was GONE!! so, Thank you Yadi!!

Anyway other than that everything was fantastic. We stoped at there house after the horse race’s to “keep the party going :)” and who do we see there? Pixie, a very cute dog that Melody loved to play with, but of course I will post the pictures so you can check it out!!!