It’s My Birthday…I’m 25 (but I look 15)

   I just want to thank God for another amazing year! I just can’t believe how fast time has flown by now that Melody is in our lives. So let me tell you a little bit about my day. Well, Emmanuel and I stayed up late (as usual) so exactly at 12:00am he came in to the room (as I was trying to put Melody to sleep for the night) singing “Happy Birthday” and holding a chocolate PUDDING! ha,ha,ha. After his song, he took away the pudding and said “Babe, it’s to late to eat pudding, just eat it in the morning” (I don’t even LIKE pudding!! he,he,he). A few hours later, 7:45am to be exact, my brother calls me and of course I was STILL sleeping!!! Then around 10:00am, my sister in-law Yanira calls to wish me a Happy Birthday!! I’m loving the attention so far. But it didn’t stop there. Through out the day Emmanuel was calling me just to see how the “Birthday Girl” was doing. Yeah he is sweet like that!!

   So come 3:00pm, I went over to my Mom and Dad’s house for my little celebration. Par-tay!! We had Pozole and Coconut Cake and it was reeeeaaaal good!!(Thank God for my parent’s. The best 2 people in the world!!). And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, right before leaving my parent’s house, my Dad hands me a gift in a sealed envelope. Of course I opened it and guess what? It was $280!! I’d say that I had a VERY good day and not just because I became a hundred-aire in a day. ha,ha,ha. It was because I had a chance to celebrate this day with the ones I love. And that includes my little Princess who continuously makes me smile.