Septembers Here!!!

Wow, it feels like if I haven’t bloged for years!!…But, It’s only been a few weeks!!! So I will be posting the August album soon! My parent’s took us to the city Fair last month, so check those pictures out.
Well this month we start off with Celebrating my cousin Danny’s Birthday! and like always we had a lot of fun. I just love the family “get together’s”. I just can’t believe how time goes by so quickly, most of us have our children and some of them running around…wow…It’s crazy. Well moving on, at the party we had Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Birria, Rice, Beans, and much more!!! so it was great I will be posting pictures as well.
By the way Emmanuel,Hector, Michael,Yanira and I have started this poker night on fridays, and it is so much fun!! we just laugh like crazy!! I love it.
Last but not least I’ve been preparing for Melody’s Party. She will be turning one next moth, so I just can’t wait to see how everything is going to turn out!!!